Bison Gathering Table is on Kickstarter now!

A modular table fits to public fire pits in camp sites, and allows to easy assemble and adjust it for your preference. Introducing infinitely configurable modular camping table. Every camping events have different styles and Bison Gathering Table will be able to setup for any occations. Camping is all about enjoying nature and creating warm […]

Bison at Academy of Art University!

We became as an inspiration for IDS students at AAU. The MFA director at IDS invited us to present how we started the Kickstarter for their students. It was a very good study for students.  

We started from KiskstarterCrowd Funding Campaign!

We launched the first project, ‘Bison Rolling Grill’ in 2017.  And we made a successful Kickstarter crowd funding campaign! That was a great starting point for our journey. We always have launched new projects on Kickstarter first always before start to release.  

We started new project about kiridashi knife.

Hello, we are starting the second round of funding with the cutting power of the camo version of “Bison Gear’s Kiridash Pocket Knife” Sayawa and the updated knife. The products that were mass-produced after the first funding were sold out, and this time, we gathered your feedback during the first funding and returned with stronger […]