Bison Gathering Table is on Kickstarter now!

A modular table fits to public fire pits in camp sites, and allows to easy assemble and adjust it for your preference.

Introducing infinitely configurable modular camping table. Every camping events have different styles and Bison Gathering Table will be able to setup for any occations.

Camping is all about enjoying nature and creating warm memories with your friends and family. It is a wonderful opportunity to disconnect from our daily distractions to simply relax and unplug.

One important aspect is the meals. There’s something about cooking food over an open flame that just cannot be replicated at home. The steaks my father used to cook for us were the best I have ever had, and remain a fond memory of my camping trips. However, the actual process of cooking and eating may be clunky and uncomfortable without the conveniences found in our homes.

‘Bison Gathering Table’ allows you to enjoy both nature’s tranquility and the conveniences of everyday life. The sliding table panels allow for easy access to the fire pit, making it easy to cook meals or roast marshmallows. And when it’s time to eat, the table offers plenty of space for everyone to gather around and enjoy a meal together. The sturdy construction and sleek design is perfect for any outdoor setting, whether it be family or group camping trips, or even just a backyard bonfire.

Overall, the Bison Gathering Table is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast who loves to spend time in nature. It is a great investment for anyone who wants to make their camping trips more comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable.