Kiridashi Pocket Knife

Inspired by Japanese Kiridashi knife to be built a gorgeous knife. Materials Knife: 8CR13MOV, SAYA Case: Fiber Glass & ABS
Dimensions 1.38 × 2.46 × 0.2 in

Camo Army, Camo Gray, Camo Orange, Baby Blue, Cool Black, Military Green, Snow White, Summer Orange

Knife Materials


Saya Materials

Fiber Glass & ABS

New release
Kiridashi Kinfe



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Summer Orange, Military Green, Snow White,
Pure Blue,Cool Black

Camo Army, Camo Gray
and Camo Orange

The beautiful gear,
Just on your hands!

BISON GEARS Kiridashi Pocket Knife was inspired by Japanese Kiridashi Knife in order to build a beautiful aesthetic pocket knife. It is a single bevel knife with finger ring to hold on your hands. The SAYA (Case) holds and pivots BISON Kiridashi Knife.

Compact size

0.15 oz, and just 35 mm (1.38 in) and 60 mm (2.46 in). It is a single bevel knife with finger ring to hold on your hands.

The useful knife will be your EDC!

Kiridashi knife was used to place check marking on wood surface to cut down wood boards in Japan. We inspired by that and design the ‘Bison Gears Kiridashi Pocket Knife’. That is very compact size and useful in life. Especially open package boxes and cut off the cable ties. Hook up the knife on your key chain and carrying everyday!

That is a small but also it is amazing.

The Knife is strong enough to sharpen the point of wood and plastic.
That is amazing small size knife.

Useful in everyday

It can also be useful when you sharpen pencils or open plastic bags.
Our knives will be useful in your daily life.

Saya Front View

Says Back view

Open, Cut and Close

You can take it out, cut it, and store it again very easily.

Detail info

Front View

Back View

Side View


Size guide



Kiridashi Pocket Knife

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Kiridashi Pocket Knife